Royal Navy


The convoy operation "Pedestal" to support Malta, was one of the most important operations during WW II in the Mediterranean sea. It consist of 14 merchant ships, escorted by 4 aircraftcarriers, 2 battleships, 7 cruisers and 16 destroyers.
In spite of high losses that convoy was at least an allied success to supply Malta.

HMS Victorious

The aircraftcarrier HMS Victorious is seen here behind a freighter of the convoy, in a distance behind HMS Indomitable is following.

HMS Victorious

The three aircrafts left are from the Type Fairy Fulmar, at the right side two Hawker Sea Hurricane in the markings
during the operation Pedestal in August 1942. In the backround - the battleship HMS Rodney.

For antisubmarine missions the successor of the famous Swordfish, the Fairey Albacore is seen here taking off,
while the other which got airborne before is circleing overhaed her swimming base.

HMS Indomitable

The half-sister of the Victorious, HMS Indomitable was the second modern aircraftcarrier in the Pedestal convoy by the Royal Navy.

HMS Indomitable

Beside Sea Hurricanes from 800. and 880.Squadron (seen here with pilots inside, waiting at the bow),
there were too six Grumman Martlets II on board.

HMS Indomitable


One of them is just heading for a forward parking position,
while another one is parking behind the island on a boom.

HMS Indomitable

While anti aircraftstations are being anxious to repulse German and Italian bombers,
an Albacore of the 827. Squadron is landing after a antisubmarine mission.

HMS Indomitable

HMS Indomitable

The frequntly "Jumbo" called mobile crane
(in front of the island) is selfbuilted.

A relative famous picture from the days of operation Pedestal is the line of the aircraftcarriers:
Victorious (as cameraship), followed by HMS Indomitable and HMS Eagle
in the backround. Lefthand is the light anti-aircraft cruiser HMS Phoebe visible.

Most of the attacks were comeing from the air, by German and Italian bombers...

Two Italian torpedobombers of type Savoia Marchetti S.M.79 Sparviero
are heading in lowlevelflight towards the starboard side of the convoy...

The "F-class" destroyer HMS Fury is avoiding a possible torpedoattack by a hard turn to starboard with full speed
and is firing against the attackers. In the backround at the right again the HMS Indomitable.

The left engine of one of the torb-bombers is hidden - will the crew it make it home...?

No ship in the convoy was save - here the light "Town class" cruiser HMS Manchester is approached by S.M.79 bombers.

With the HMS Manchester here an example for the camouflage Mountbatton Pink is visible.


Here in the Mediterraninean Sea the Manchester wears the darker version of this reddish-grey caumouflage,
and wore it from 1941 til her sinking, in August 1942 during the Operation Pedestal.
 Here you can see the Manchester under battle-flag, during the famous convoy operation for the isle of Malta.

In the night of the 13. 08.1942, numerous Italian Motortorpedoboads of the MAS-type attacked the ships of the Pedestal convoy.
Two of them succeeded to near the HMS Manchester in the dark and to damage her so bad, that the ship later had to be abandoned.