Ship and aircraftmodels in scale 1:1250

Here it shall be the matter of ships,aircrafts and events especially between 1930 and 1945.
Ships from the years of the Second World War are arranged by nationality:

Royal Navy
US Navy
Imperial Japanese Navy
Research Vessels
While the civil liners, which will not be omitted from now on, can be found right here.
I hope you enjoy the pictures...

In the Morning at the mouth of the river Elbe ...
From the south shore near by Cuxhafen the Hapag vessel TS New York is visible
while leaving the Elbe for heading to the city of her Name.
To enter the river, the British freighter Irisbank of the shipping company Weir & Co.
is passing with course Hamburg.


While leaving New York Harbour , the Liner Manhattan of the United States Line is passing Liberty island.
We see the 215m long Manhattan in the look of 1940 , wearing neutrality markings,
which should have protected the ship of attacks by the belligerent Nations.


This is a typical New York harbour vessel : A twin-end ferry with a car deck.
It is the Dongenhill , one of dozen´s of ferries across the Hudson and the East river.



Also typical for New York were the pontoons on which Railway waggons or "boxcars" were transported.Tugboats often belonged to the several Railwaycompanys and tows the barges or car floats called pontoons across the rivers. Because the granite, stony underground of Manhattan don´t allowed the building of tunnels, this was the best practical way to transport freight cars to Manhattan .

Meanwhile the Manhattan had left NewYork behind and is heading for Europe.

This model of a steam tug of the famous Moran towing company of New York was improved
of one of the set of three US-Navy Harbour tugs No Neptun sets Nr. 1399def.


With her commissioning in 1935 the Orion of the british Orient Line was the first ship of the company
with a regular stone yellow hull colour . In this "fresh" appearance the more than 200m long liner
is visible in the Suez canal on its way from London to Brisbane.


Now , already in the red sea the Orion is passing an Arabian Dau on an oncoming course …


The newest, and in those days the biggest, motor ship in the world (27.155 BRT) was the Dominion Monarch , of the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line seen here on her way to Australia and New Zealand (Albatrossmodel Nr.178).
For the long voyage, the Dominion Monarch had plenty of comfort for her passengers.  There was an outside swimming pool, and the cabins, for the 517 passengers (all first class), were extended over six decks, and some had air-conditioning.


On the deck, in front of the colourful funnels of this Shaw, Savill & Albion ship,
there is an awning for afternoon tea parties, mostly in the tropics.

Thomas Diorama

Just an impression of Thomas making a Diorama ..

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