US Navy


North Carolina

Before the entry into the war of the USA we can see here the battleship USS North Carolina/BB55
during one of her "Neutrality Patrols" in the North Atlantik. ( Neptunmmodel Nr.1302 )
The camouflage scheme is measure 12 and of measure 5 ( with the false bow wave ) in 1941.

North Carolina


The Model from Argonaut AR 227, US CGC Northland - is a US Coast Guard Cutter for arctic operations.


Not like the original appearance, wich is dated before the war, here shows the Northland  her camouflage measure
16 ( Thayer-System ) from 1943 and among some added conversions she is carrying a Grumman JF Duck ( unique-conversion! ).

Much more southbound in the area of the solomonen islands, this is the Benson-class destroyer

USS Fahrenholt ( DD-491 ) in autumn 1942.


This converted Neptunmodel is wearing a unparalled variation of the camouflage measure 15.
Therefore it is possible,that the shades were green but I for myself choosed shades of blue !

Fahrenholt front of the islands of "Kerama Retto"...

...the Cumberland Sound is visible in her camo-sheme 32/8a during the Okinawa-offensive in 1945.

For maintenance a flying boat Consolidated PB 2 Y Coronado is on quarterdeck.
The swimming flying boat is a Martin PBM-3Mariner.

AV-17 USS Cumberland Sound is a modified C3 standard freighter as a seaplane tender of the Kenneth-Whiting-Class.

The Coronado flying boat, which was builted
in a number of more than 200, was frequently used
during the operations around the islands of Okinawa.

The model (THS 02) is from my own production.

The basic model from Trident (T1542) was extensive converted...

...a comparison, before - afterwards...


Likewise with a shore in the background the USS Doyen/APA-1
get ready to disembark her troops for landings on small pacific islands.
The Attack transport ship is supported by Motor Torpedo Boats of the type Elco.